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Betting Systems In Slots – How To Use Them

Slot games require some much-needed performance tracking and strategies to help the player hit the jackpot. This article will find more about the betting systems used in online slot games.

You might think that slot games are easy. You have to match the images and earn a reward. But, online slots are among the toughest gambling games, which require proper planning. Having an effective betting system can help you a lot while playing.

Here are some expert-recommended betting systems applicable to online G2GBET slot games.

The Zig-Zag System

The zig-zag system is a widely used and popular betting system. Like many other games, it also offers a proper performance tracking method for slot games. This simple gaming system can also help you improve your scores and chances of winning the rewards.

As with the zig-zag system, if you have received one or two winning reel combinations at least twice, the game is closer to awarding you the winning pay line.

The Martingale System

Despite its familiarities with casino board games like baccarat or roulette, The Martingale system is also great for online slots. If you are playing for a short period and want to stand the maximum chance of winning, you can try this system.

In this betting system, you double your bet amount in the next round if you encounter a loss. If you win, you continue with your winning bet amount.

For example, if you have lost a spin with $1, you will continue with $2 for the next round. You will continue this until you win to get a constant bet amount.

But, while using the martingale system, manage your bankroll effectively to prevent losing more. It is better to start with a slot game that requires the least amount of money as a bet.

Reverse Martingale System

The reverse Martingale system is more effective in slot games than the Martingale system. In this betting system, you continue with the bet amount if you lose the game. You double your amount if you encounter a win.

So, how does it work? Well, let’s assume that you have placed a bet of $4 for a slot game. You will continue with a $4 bet amount if you encounter a loss. After a few losses, you have won a reward. You can double your bet in the next round and play the game with $8.

The reverse martingale system is better for slots, and the money management is better. Moreover, it also prevents faster drying up of bankroll as you only double your bet after winning.

Track everything you do betting system

It is more of a performance tracking system than a conventional betting system. This method can help you win better for a shorter period. In slot games, you first check your net amount and consider playing the game with the same amount for a certain spin, say 10 spins. You track your result and play the game for the predicted rounds. After finishing, you check your current bankroll and how much you have earned. It allows you to check if you have lost or won better. It helps you determine the casino’s payback rate and allows you to determine a strategy that works.


Betting systems help you determine your performance and find the best way to counter the losses and effectively manage your bankrolls. You can apply betting based on the above-mentioned methods while playing any slot game online. 

Recognize These 7 Early Signs To Call It Quit At The Casino

Several reasons are responsible for losing your interest and money in casino gambling. Check out common signs determining when you should quit at the casino.

Casino gambling is about to entertain yourself truly. If you are not feeling relaxed or not enjoying the environment, it’s time to quit and step out. Wouldn’t it be great if you could know ahead of time when to quit at the casino? Keep reading and browse some of the common signs that suggest when you should leave the casino.

  1. Not Having Fun

A casino is an enormous place for gamblers where you enjoy a great time. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation or getting bored, then it’s time to quit it. Apart from it, you can switch up games available at the casino. Playing a different game may shift your entire mood and expectations as well.

  • You Lose Your Fixed Bankroll
  • Before you step foot inside a casino, you must think about how much you can manage if you lose. Stick to the budget so that you can have a sense of accomplishment and save a substantial amount of money. It’s recommendable to not bet in the casino if you don’t have money. Never think to borrow money from family or friends, because if you don’t have it, you cannot afford it to lose.

  • You Put Betting Over other Responsibilities
  • Keeping your significant responsibilities overdue to gamble is a thoughtful sign of a gambling problem. It specifies that you must stop playing and should step out of the casino. Skipping regular office work, household work, or any other to hit the casino serves as an indication of a sincere problem.

  • Feeling of Frustration
  • It’s a sign that you should quit when you start feeling frustrated. However, it’s obvious to get annoyed in the casino, however only when you enter with impractical expectations. The major persistence of casino gambling is entertainment. You choose to play in the casino to earn money with enjoyment. Still, if you find yourself angry, then it’s time to quit playing.

  • You Abandoned it for Free Drinks
  • Many gamblers stay on chairs for free drinks. It’s never a good option to keep losing for a few drinks. When you missed the bet, just come out of the casino, instead of being aggressive or making a scene.

  • When You Meet Time Limit
  • Generally, responsible gamblers set time limits for how long they can spend at slots or other casino games. Setting a time limit will stop you from losing a high amount and prevent you from getting frustrated.

  • Thinking to Bet With Money Owed for Other Expenses
  • Spending your monthly budget into casino indicates that you must leave the game. Every gambler has a bankroll, and one should play casino games with only that money. If not, you may gamble rent money, grocery budget, or any other personal expense one day.

    Final Thoughts                            

    Several online casinos, like W88, offer endless activities to keep punters entertained. However, no one wants to lose their life source of gambling entertainment in a short time. Hence, knowing the warning mentioned above signs will help you leave the casino before you accelerate more losses.

    What does a reputable casino actually mean?

    Find out how to understand if k9win is a really reputable place for gambling. Here are the ways to consider how reliable a casino house is.

    Have you ever wondered what a reputable casino is? This is not a legal or an official term, but basically a gambler starts his or her search in the web with it in mind. We all want a reputable gambling platform to know and to register in, but what is the right way to discover it?

    Some players believe that is safer to ask a friend or some experienced fellow they know for a piece of an advice. So usually what they do is asking these people for a recommendation. But when someone tells you that k9win online casino is a reputable house do you check if this is so? Or you blindly believe in your guru in gambling?

    It is a great thing, as a matter of fact, to have such an authority as a friend. And it is indeed awesome to receive direct recommendations for decent websites. However, double checked gambling houses are definitely twice more reliable than those which are not checked at all.

    This is why we believe that all of you should consider how reputable a gambling operator is before entering its platform. And it does not matter how you met the website – by chance or by recommendati0ons. If you don’t know how to make it right, here’s one great and simple step by step guide on checking one casino’s reputation:

    • Visit the reputation and ranking websites with big enough data base of casinos. These websites usually make objective estimations of all casinos. The good thing is that they systems of specific factors that are rated (for instance from 1 to 10). In the end, there’s a final verdict per each casino with their strongest pros and cons you can see in details.
    • Reading hot casino reviews. The idea is equal to the one from the previous tips we have given to you, but in this case you will find out more about the website. In the final estimation you will see the potency of the casino in brief, while the review says all the important things and details in details.
    • Making your own research. Whether you will look for an online casino on your own, or you are going to use a tip from a friend a following check from your own study is a must. Of course, if you get a recommendation by someone you do accept as a guru in the field, your research might be fast and not that detailed. In all cases, check out for things like regulation, responsible gambling policy, licenses and of course the ranges of services and available games.

    It doesn’t matter which way you are going to take. What matters is being confident about the platform you enter your personal data and you invest your money for real money casino experience.