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A tipster explains why using football tips is not always the ok

Discover how, when and why to use paid or free tips in UFA800. See how a young but talented tipsters worries about the big growth of punters who don’t know the right way to apply tips in their predictions on football games.

A recent article in the well-known UFA800 bookmaker’s blog shows how tipsters admit for not being the most objective helpers a punter might have. Of course, it’s a not a material where some tipsters try to discredit themselves, but mostly an introduction to the guide how any sport bettor is supposed to use football tips.

Inside this article we see an interview taken from a remarkable tipster who explains why it is not ok to take all the football tips available in the internet for granted and to entirely transfer them into your personal bets. Here’s why this tipster thinks so:

  1. Not all the tipsters are experts. No matter how a football prediction written by tipster sound to you professionally it might be just a bunch of smart words with no actual data related with. Unfortunately, the big impact of internet on sport betting has made it possible many non-experts to appear in the web claiming their experts, including in the sphere of football tips.
  2. Some helpful and result-oriented tips might be too expensive for you. According to the tipster we have communicated with the paid tips are definitely better than those taken from free websites. However, there’s a tiny line if you cross using tipsters might not be profitable enough for you. If your stakes are too small and you paid some fees for the tips to place then, eventually the ROI would not be satisfying at all for you.
  3. There’s always a subjective line in each written tip. Let’s face it – just like any punter can lose control and place a bet by heart, there’s always a possibility for the tipster not to entirely be objective when writing predictions. The worst thing in this theory is that if the punter has higher motivation to remain objective, because it’s his money placed on the table, to the tipster the drama would not be that big at all if his or her prediction occurs to be quite wrong due to passion to some specific football team.
  4. Last but not least the interviewed tipster claims that about 60% of the bookmaker’s customers nowadays use tips too confidently. There’s no critical thinking in applying the tip in the concrete bet, which is why it could lead to a new wave of machine-like or copy-paste-like betting. If these two trends were not that concerning about the punters the tipster would not express such a worry.

Using tips is ok as long as you consider them as extra helping materials for your final prediction. However, you should be always suspicious about what each tipster claims if you want to smartly place sport bets.

Growing Popularity Of Live Betting With Its Significant Benefits

With the due course of live betting popularity in several sports, it envelopes some extraordinary benefits which will aid in determining better odds, turns a loser into a winner, and prevails in entertainment.

The global scenario of sports betting has changed a lot, and with the advancement of technologies, they now appear in many options. One of them that is most demanding nowadays is the live betting option. People are more indulging in this subject as they are getting some benefits after wagering on live events. They are more friendly and convenient for newcomers and experienced ones who seek quick results. The credit goes to the live hints that the games unfold and are enveloped with the functional process and huge offers.

Let’s unearth some of the benefits of live betting which will you find lucrative-

Availability of Range of Games Occurring Globally

The global presence of multiple sports in different parts of the world has tempted the bettors to stake on the spots appearing live. After registering to any online sportsbook betting Malaysia, you can bet on the live betting option. For instance, the NFL is going on in the central parts of America, and you are betting on today’s match. The sportsbook will make you eligible to bet the recent match so that you can watch the match live and wager real money accordingly.

Much Better Odds than Other Betting Types

Odds are significant when you are wagering real money on sports events. It has been observed that in-play games sportsbooks offer much better odds in live bets than regular ones. Bettors are using this in play bettings, especially in fast-paced sports games like NBA basketball, football, ice hockey, and many more. In these games, the odds tend to fluctuate according to the team’s performance or the player. Lucrative odds act to increase the winnings of the punters. Likewise, it has the power to turn a loser into a winner, and that only happens in live bets.

Fun and Excitement Live Bet Offers 

Live betting options also provide better customer service. Bettors might need spontaneous help from them during the game. Hence, all these make this option the preferable one for the punters.

Even bettors can place bets on live events through their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Potential bettors take the replenishments of live betting options by watching the game and placing bets looking at the odds provided by the sportsbook. In the live betting category, they can also make a few more bucks, which are difficult at regular or other betting options.


Betting is not only about making money; it is an unending fun event simultaneously. Hence, live betting is craving popularity amongst punters in recent days. The immediate results from the matches occurring live also create a thrill, but it ends on the same day when the match ends.

Learn the best kept secrets for successful football betting

Did you know these awesome football betting online secrets? Don’t hesitate to try these brilliant approaches to fully change your betting game in the internet!

When you are in the business of online football betting there’s a huge possibility (and risk) for anybody among you to eventually stop advancing. The lack of progress, though, is like a killing element in any punter’s activity. What is essential is to adopt new techniques, try new strategies, switch from one league to another…

Although football is the most popular sport discipline in the world, we cannot say we know everything about betting on it. There’s always something else we can learn, right? If you agree with me, don’t stop reading. And learn the best kept secrets for football betting online:

  • Compare the betting offers on the market. The experienced punters would tell you “go shopping for some really good odds”. Because the bookmakers do not offer the same odds. As a matter of fact, they buy odds from different places and at different sizes. And the bookies also sell you the odds at different price, too. The key is to find the most profitable for you betting odd.
  • Speaking of prices, make sure never to place a stake at an amount you cannot afford. Because every bet is either a winning, or a potential loss to you. Indeed, there’s always a chance for you to have your bet void, but who actually gambles thinking about such unsettled cases which after all don’t bring anything in the player’s wallet?
  • Bankroll management is essential. You might have heard it a lot of times, but if you haven’t started managing a solid budget system for your betting activity there might be a reason why destiny sends you this voice mail over and over again. If you want to be successful in something that involves real money, you should begin considering the distribution of this money before you start your initiative. Hence, don’t worry if the start was long time ago. Better late than never, right?
  • Using statistics is something that not only the sausage heads do. Actually, a gambler should do it whether he places football bets, tennis bets or he plays poker in the weekends. Stats are significant generally for gambling, but in football betting they are the base every successful punter stands on before the actual consideration of the next prediction for a concrete event.
  • Live betting works in a completely different way than pre-match soccer betting. Unfortunately, more than half of the gamblers approach them the same way. The live betting experience involves on mandatory following the game. And being very, very fast in your reactions. If you don’t watch the game you have placed your live bet on, while then gambling this way rather than relying on the old-school pre-match betting?

These short secret guides could do wonderful changes in your betting activity when you enter the football sport section. They did this to my betting experience. I believe the same might happen to you, as well! Good luck!